The Premier Brazilian Waxing Spa in Miami

ABB Waxing – American Brazilian Body Waxing was founded in Miami FL and created to bring the best of Brazil to America in high-quality Brazilian Body, Facial and Eyebrow Waxing. At ABB you will receive an authentic Brazilian experience. We are constantly exploring the beauty and cosmetic industry looking for innovative depilatory techniques and the best skin care products for our clientele.

Looking for The Best Brazilian Waxing in Miami?

ABB offers authentic Brazilian Wax – Full Body, Eyebrows, Brazilian Bikini Wax, Men’s Body Waxing & Eyebrow Shaping in Miami.

Best Waxing in MiamiABB’s Salon staff are focused on bestowing the utmost hygienic confidence, convenience and comfort. All our estheticians are full body, bikini waxing and facial waxing specialists – licensed, and trained in-house.

Although a bikini wax might be intimidating for some, our green hard wax and “Brasilian Waxing” techniques allows us to depilated many areas of the body simultaneously, resulting in hair removal that is nearly painless and truly effective. Our well-seasoned, time-tested experience in hair removal and skin care ensures superb long lasting end-results leaving your skin soft, smooth and sexy for women and men alike.

In choosing ABB you will find a Miami Wax Spa that continuously strives to raise the bar in outstanding customer service. Our genuine dedication, professionalism and accountability to our clientele makes your experience with ABB truly pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing, hence distinguishing ABB Waxing as a hair removal industry leader. Our Salons’ attention to cleanliness, hygiene and customer satisfaction coupled with competitive pricing keep our clientele coming back, time and again. Try ABB for yourself and you’ll experience the difference.

Our main waxing services are: Full Body Waxing, Authentic Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax, Eyebrows & Eyebrow Shaping.

Call us at 305-756-7794 for reservations.