Eyebrow Shaping in Miami.

ABB Waxing will help you discover the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance. Our eyebrow shaping artists understand what you want to accomplish when shaping your brows. Pencil thin or overly bushy eyebrows are dated looks that can be distracting rather than enhancing.

Our eyebrow shaping professionals in Miami know exactly how to shape your eyebrows. They know the right way to get the perfect shape that suits for your face and eyes and they have handled thousands of clients.



They are trained to take care of the hair that should be treated in such a way to give a good shape to the eyebrows. When it comes to shaping your eyebrow, our eyebrow artists consider the shape of your face and adjust their technique accordingly ensuring that your eyebrows will look natural.

Just as the shape of a mustache can drastically change the appearance of a man’s face, the shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the eyes. In many ways, the overall appearance of the eye area is defined by the arch, length, and thickness of the eyebrow.