American Brazilian Body Waxing – Miami Beautiful

In beautiful Miami with our gorgeous beaches and year round sunshine, we know you want to be bikini ready at all times. That’s why we take waxing in Miami seriously. Like Brazil, Miami is a place where you always want to be ready to slip into something comfortable and have a good time. Our salon was opened in Miami with the idea of bringing the famous Brazilian waxing to Miami, and we have achieved our objective. At our salon you can get the best Brazilian waxing Miami has to offer, Brazilian body waxing for the best you. We use authentic products and methods that are both gentle on the skin, and effective at removing unwanted body hair, and revealing your body’s beautiful, smooth skin. Our technicians are all licensed and trained in house, and prepared to make your body wax Miami experience professional and satisfactory.

ABB Has Taken Waxing in Miami to The Next Level

The hair removal experience we offer has taken the dread and pain out of the experience. Using the gentle Brazilian method our waxing Miami services are virtually painless, and don’t take long at all. We offer extensive Miami body waxing services; full body waxing packages, Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, eyebrow waxing, as well as brow shaping. The trained technician who takes care of your appointment will have a keen attention to details, and always be striving to make your experience completely satisfactory. It is our strong attention to details, from hygiene to customer service that has made ABB such a well reviewed salon. Both the men and women who frequent our spa find that we have raised the bar on hair removal Miami bikini wax, and they can expect to have sexy, smooth skin each time they walk out our doors.