Best Waxing in Miami

ABB Waxing – American-Brazillian Body Waxing is considered the Best Waxing in Miami. American-Brazilian Body Waxing was recently featured on Select on Demand.  ABB Waxing is the only place to go in Miami for a TRUE Brazilian Waxing, Body Wax, Eyebrows, Brazilian Bikini WaxingFacial Wax, Men’s Body Waxing & Eyebrow Shaping in Miami.

We go to great lengths to get you feeling comfortable, confident and sexy. Our technique leaves your skin amazingly smooth and soft, while effectively removing the hair from the root.  Your experience will be less painful than with other techniques which use roll-on or strip waxing.  Our product is gentle on your skin and does not leave your skin feeling stripped, burning or stinging, but rather sleek and silky.

ABB knows how to treat your skin.  Our technicians are trained to deliver the best skin care experience, tailored specifically for your needs. Their experience, knowledge and technique will help you feel relaxed and confident, and able to enjoy your services’ and ultimately your results.